Why do we pay the great attention to the studying foreign languages?

Studying foreign languages, including English, is not an easy task. So, if you want to study a foreign language, you should have some really good reasons and motivation, to know it well.
Certainly, today the majority of students have already started learning English, as the second language, at school, because English became the international language. But, if you want to use your English skills in practice, you should improve your language yourself. Knowledge of English has become a necessity in modern times, especially for those, who work in different fields of science, technology, and in politics.
All depends on your purposes.

For example, some people study English for communication. They are convinced, that learning foreign languages broadens their horizons and encourages intercultural dialogue. I agree with them, because today, when our world becomes the "global village", knowledge of foreign language, for example, English, is an important step to international understanding.

Other people study English for their job, which is involves regular contact with speakers of foreign languages. So, for these public people, English is the special business language, which helps them to make sales, to negotiate and secure contracts. Also, knowledge English may increase people's chances of finding a new job, for example, an interpreter, and getting a promotion.

Another people study English for self-development and fun. They say, that smart people should know more than one language. Some interested in linguistic aspects of a particular language and they decided to learn it in order to understand them better. Another enjoy learning a foreign language to overcome new difficult tasks and achieve new aims, such as stimulating the intellect and developing brains with memory.

For people, several of these reasons are very important to begin studying the English language. I totally agree. But, the most people don't realize what it takes to really learn another language and they are not prepared for the work it takes. There are certain things you need to know before beginning to learn a foreign language, because learning another language is one of the things that people begin and never finish. It takes a lifetime to learn the foreign language best.

Before beginning to learn a foreign language, you need to know your own personality and the best way to study for you. Firstly, try to begin learning the language with fun. Begin with easy phrases that are used in everyday life so that you can see an immediate improvement. This will help give you the confidence you need to keep learning. Then try using the language in context to improve your skills. You may find people who speak the language and ask them to use simple phrases with you or listen some educational programs on the radio or on the Internet. Repeat and repeat what they say, paying close attention to pronunciation. The another way to learn English is to read, read and read interesting books in English and notice new grammar patterns and important vocabulary. Also, you should learn several new words or phrases every day to develop your vocabulary.
These steps will help you in learning the foreign language.

The main thing is not to worry about mistakes! Challenge yourself, and remember the purpose of your studying. Just enjoy the process!

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