Getting aquainted in different cultures

Handshake is the the most familiar to us is the gesture of greeting. However, handshake is different in different countries. For example, man must to greet first, and the woman must first reach out. This is order in Russia, the reverse order exist in England.  But in any case, he takes off his gloves with his hands, and she do it necessarily.

The Tajik family owner of the house, when he take the guest, shook the offered hand in his two deference. In Saudi Arabia, in such cases, after shaking hands the head of the host country puts his left hand on his right shoulder and guest kisses him on both cheeks. The Japanese prefer bows and that the lower and the longer the run, the more important the person whom they are addressed. Koreans also anciently bow at the meeting. In the Zambezi people clap their hands and squat.

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